Erik R.

Hi, my name is Erik R. I am 15 years old. I am from Laguna Hills California. Im both Mexicn and Amercian, both my parents are from Mexico and I was born here in the USA. I like to consider myself 70% Mexican and 30% American. I also have 2 other siblings one sister and one brother. I am the oldest then comes my sister and my brother. My mom is currently in Mexico with my siblings, and I am living with my dad in room ,its been 4 years since I've seen my whole family together.

I visit my mom durring the summer but when I go something is missng and its my dad. I can't be happy in Mexico nor America because I miss something from both places. I like Anime, Food, and Technology. My favorite color is Blue. Places I like to visit is Mexico, I would like to someday visit Japan because I want to explore the culture and try authentic Japanese food.